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Nonprofit Operations

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Revenue Generator Workbook

The purpose of the Average Daily Attendance Revenue Generator Calculator is to show school district administrators how the work CIS does in a school targeting absenteeism is not only helping the individual student but also serving as a revenue generator for the school district. School districts receive their funding from their states on a per-pupil basis that is based on average daily attendance. Therefore, when CIS targets students with an attendance issue and directs intentional interventions that result in higher attendance, CIS can be shown to be a revenue generator for the district.

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Nonprofit Risk Management Center:

The Communities In Schools network has a partnership with the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC) that gives us access to tools, guides, and webinars on the NRMC website. Find out how to access the Center’s website by going to the NRMC page.

The CIS network also has access to the NRMC risk management policy generator for only $29/affiliate. This generator helps affiliates create custom policies for their organization and has a library of nearly 200 templates from which to start. After you’ve set up an account with NRMC, visit the generator website for more information. 

Nonprofit Operations General Resources


On the Board Development page of the National Resource Center you can find additional tools and resources for Board Governance such as a Board Calendar and Board Commitment Letter.

Strategic Planning Process

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